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Information about overhaul parts

Remanufacturing parts for your Porsche 928, 944, 924, 968

It is possible with us to buy reconditioned parts for your Porsche. These parts have been reconditioned and checked for functionality by us or other specialised companies. This solution is often cheaper than buying new parts. It is also a good solution if the original part is no longer available new. 

To make this possible, please send your old part to the address below. Upon receipt we will check the part for originality and any damage. If your part is approved for overhaul, the part you ordered will be sent to you as soon as possible. 

Please note that we depend on the delivery service when the part you send is received. From abroad this can take a few days longer than normal. Do you need a part immediately? Please contact us for the possibilities. 

Trade-in procedure

  1. Order the part through our webshop and complete the payment.
  2. Pack the part carefully and make sure it is packed in a sturdy box with sufficient filling material.
  3. Please include the purchase invoice from our webshop and the trade-in form in the package. 
  4. Please send the package to the following address:
    Garage de Loods BV
    Fornheselaan 212B
    3734 GE Den Dolder

Upon receipt of the part, we will check it and send the reconditioned part to you. 

Trade-in form

Please fill in the trade-in form as completely as possible. This helps us to speed up the trade-in process. In addition, it also helps us to identify the defects of the parts so that we can repair the part more quickly. 

Download the trade-in form here


It is only possible to use this service if: 

  • The part number of the parts is exactly the same
  • The part does not have any irreparable damage (if you are in any doubt, please contact us)
If the part does not meet the conditions, you will be contacted and the part will be returned. And the remaining amount (excl. shipping costs) will be credited.