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TSL EP multispray - aerosol 400ml

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This superior lubricating penetrating oil loosens what is stuck. 

This TSL product has also proven itself in practice in our workshop. This spray can be used for chains, nuts, bolts, tools, bearings, hinges and general lubrication. It also protects against corrosion. TSL multispray provides an extremely strong lubricating film with high anti-wear properties. Also suitable for use in drilling, tapping and cutting. 


  • Loosens what is stuck
  • Lubrication of chains, nuts, bearings, hinges, etc. 
  • Protects against corrosion
  • Creeps and loosens like no other product


 To loosen jammed/rusted parts; spray liberally and allow to creep until treated parts are loosened. It lubricates all moving parts in e.g.: industry, agriculture, transport, cars. Also extremely effective in : bicycles, mopeds, weapons, fish mills, anywhere good lubrication is required. For precision application: use the straw provided. Slide it into the nozzle and spray in a dosed amount at the desired location. Applied to metal parts in the house, it gives more than 1 year protection against rust. Use is not recommended on titanium or in places where it can come into contact with food.

Package contents: 

  • TSL EP Multispray with two types of caps


Specification Description
Condition: New
Brand: TSL oil


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