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Porsche 928 steering box bushings anodised

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  • No more play on the steering box
  • Improved driving characteristics due to more direct steering
  • Lasts a lifetime
  • Easy assembly; steering box does not need to be disassembled
  • Alignment not necessary 
  • With assembly instructions 
  • NEW: Black anodised to prevent corrosion

These bushings serve as replacements for the original steering box bushings and last a lifetime. The original rubber bushes often break (due to oil leakage from the engine block) and cause play in the steering box. This can cause play during steering, which is not good for the driving characteristics. 

This problem can be solved by replacing them with these bushings! These bushings are made of high quality aluminium and ensure that the play is completely eliminated so that you can steer tighter through the curve! They are easy to install without having to completely dismantle the steering box. The bushings are delivered per 4 pieces. Replacing these bushings is best done on a carlift. 

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Reference numbers: 

  • 92834777903
  • 928.347.779.03
  • 928-347-779-03
  • 928 347 779 03


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